Friday, 26 July 2013

French Connections! Timber Amoureux de Durian!

Hi All, Prickly is back :) It's been a while since I pen some of the Durian Mania moments I had. Thought I would like to share some international affairs with a French lady at the end of the previous season to spice things up for the upcoming Durian Fieasta! PS meet up with this lovely lady who told me by stem or by thorns, find her some durians! Ha! She was adamant and determined to share Singapore's love of Durians to people in France and was writing articles on this website ( that reaches out to youngster from France who loves to travel to Singapore.

Pauline wanted the full package so Prickly showed her the Sniff, the Shake and the Pat on the Durian. it is her first, sort of, but nevertheless she exceled in flying colours! Well as it was end of season then there weren't much durians available so in case what durian is she having? Well its called the Pangmani (Thai Cultivar) often been mistaken as a MSW. Hopefully PS will get to show you the part Two of the French Romance in the coming season with the rest of the French Ladies :)

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