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Life of a B-Grader

Life of the B-Graders
It has been 20 revolutionary years since the Mao Shan Wang (locally known in Singapore) has been officially knighted with a D197, and it broke into prominent of the Durian Fraternity in 1993. Little people has known it as Mao Shan Wang back in those days, as it was called many names before it became Mao Shan Wang.

Kidnapped Kittens

The locals originally call it Durian Kunyit (which in local languages means Tumeric), plainly because of it bright yellow coloured flesh. Also, many have claimed that the birthplace of this cultivar has came from Gua Musang, that gave its popular English name Musang King in Malaysia. However, true to its birth origin, is actually much closer to the Thai Border at a place call Tanah Merah in Kelantan. (This is actually validated by a friend).

Yellow as Tumeric, Good as Gold!

But it was at Gua Musang that people started taking notice of it commercially and it fame spread wide and far, since then it never turn back. When other town/states folks came acquiring on the Durian Kunyit, the Hantu Durian (Durian Enthusiast) would passionately telling them it is the King that they are looking for. Over time, it became Musang King. 

Well, see we all know about MSW, so what's the big deal?

Hmmm, maybe you would have heard of our local sellers being telling you about the A-Grade and B-Grade MSW? No?
There are a few version to it. 
1) B-Grade = Fake MSW
2) B-Grade = Small MSW
3) B-Grade = Kiao Ku MSW

The above B-Grades are all linked to lower prices. While an A-Grade will cost you an arm and leg, a B-Grader is about half the price. Like it or not, that's just how it goes. Anyway, its up to you to believe what they say.

So what's a B-Grader then? According to my frien , it is a few reason why the B-Graders are what they are:
1) Lack of Water thus the Kidney shape
2) Young Trees
3) Adverse Soil Conditions
4) Bruised Thorns
5) Blackened Seeds

However, with the pictures of the Kidnapped kittens above, my friend told me these are not even a C Class Durian... lol.

Then what is mini-MSW you might ask, since this is another name which you will come across frequently? Well, it is all the A-Grader that is sub-1kg MSW.

Personally these are totally enjoyable. Reason being, I have a biasness towards 1-Bedder Durians :). It just gives you a complete flavour of the MSW, end to end, as you slide the MSW across your tongue, you can feel the Palates getting excited to meet it eagerly.

After it passes, there is always this trails of sweet aromatic fragrance that lingers on your tongue.... Mmmmm

Look out for the next episode on: MSW and its interesting Brother WZW!

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