Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Durian Tawa (D162)

Tawa (D162)

Tawa (D162)
Tawa (D162)

Tawa (D162)

Tawa (D162)

Following a tip-off from Ah Seng, my regular hunt, I headed down to Ghim Moh to have a look at this cultivar.  He mentioned that one will get two distinctive taste out of this durian.

Well, that is where i would like to find out.

I managed to squeeze something out of him regarding what so interesting about this fellow.
I wasn't thinking too much about it when i bought the durians and left.

After shower, i skipped gleefully towards the refrigerator and begin my conquest. There shall only be one Victor tonight, and that's me :)

As I sink my teeth in on the first bite, my eye brow was dancing up and down, adding a few more lines of wrinkles to my forehead. Hmmm....

The flesh is so soft, i would not have hesitated to nickname it the "Tau Huay Durian", it was that soft, i kid you not... or maybe a bit only. But the flesh really melts in my mouth, with a bitterness scoring index of 8 out 10.

(Bitterness Index  from 0-10. 0 - Being the  little Kids standard, and 10 - Being you try sucking on a metal pipe in your mouth)

I soon discover that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde characteristic when i pick up another aril to eat.

Eyebrow came up and hold, and the eyes started to squint a little as i bring it closer to examine.

This was totally different feeling from before.

Strange as it seems right?

It is like you are eating sweet Tau Huay suddenly you had a mouthful of savory ones. That type of u-turn you can get only in Loony tunes.

This time round, it tasted drier but sweet.

It seems that the wetter it is, the more bitter it becomes. The dry ones has a sweet taste to it. Strange indeed.

Of the various durians available from Malaysia, Tawa is the current season Top Performer. For those who are interested on this cultivar, I got it from Ah Seng Durian of Ghim Moh Market. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for introducing this cultivar. Indeed a rare treat from your description. Hope they are available on Friday when I returns from overseas. Ah Seng is a honest and approachable durian seller.

  2. Glad that Tawa was still available when you came back. Happy to see you having a good time with Tawa :)

  3. Wifey loves durians of the bitter kind...any other recommendations? will try the Tawa if I get the chance again!

    1. Hi liverpool1965, there are several types of Bitter nature.

      The most famous and known, XO, then you have the Bamboo(Tekka), D4, D17, Tawa. All these are predominantly bitter, with little tinge of sweet in it. But it is not uncommon to get some D13, Ang Hei, MSW to be just as bitter, but these are not know for their bitterness.

      There is also Ubin Durian which is bitter, small seed and creamy called Milk King too.

      Unfortunately, Tawa has just ended abruptly. You may want to try other durian in the next season, which will be the main season, more varieties might be more readily available. Now is really at the tail end of this season.