Monday, 25 March 2013

Tikam Durians

I was walking through the Pasar Malam aimlessly and somehow I  stopped at the Durian Stall. There were several displayed at the stall but none caught my eyes.
The Durian Uncle was trying his very best to make me buy the Styrofoam box packed with "Mao Shan Wang", although it was a super wet D13 screaming at me. Next he eagerly tries to sell me D13 as Ang Hei. God knows why.

I decided to walk away when I caught a glimpse of a pile of small durians. Immediately the thoughts of random choosing of durians, flashes across the mind. Hack.
I ask the Uncle: "How much for these?" pointing to the pile of Small Durians.
He happily replied " 4 for S$10". I was about to walk and he says again :"Okay Okay 5 for S$10 and no more, like that how to earn?"
I silently take a quick look to assess whether the durians are do-able. Then i retorted politely: " Uncle, these durians are from Yishun Forest, still need to charge money meh?".
The Uncle was shocked by that statement and quickly changed topic asking me to buy his other fruits in quick succession. I knew it, this fellow just now says all this are Segamat durians, but actually, I think it is some Durian Hunters who sold him the durians.
I quickly took 5 and started taking Photos of it. Then his Partner came and asked why am i taking Photos. I happily replied that it reminded me of my childhood when my father brought me along to buy durians. In my heart, I was thinking, they must be thinking I am from NEA checking on them.

  I looked forward to my mini-Kampong Durian Degustation in anticipation, so much so that i did not eat much for dinner. 


 The D24
 The Tawa

The XO 

The Delectable Experience in opening up the durians was a Dejavu to me. The flavors that hit my taste buds were so full of character! It was one moment a Plain Jane, and next moment a Cassius Clay. Punching me with all the alcoholic contents. I was lucky to get the Xo, D24 and a bit of Tawa from the little 5s as I would call them. The other two i had is a tad bland. however that is what i love most of a Tikam Durian, you can never anticipate what's next! 
Job done, game over!


 The durians did not disappoint at all!
Parting Shot
Looking at the picture of tissues would have told you what an Orgasmic Experience I had earlier on, the only time when u can rave in the waves of sensations with each aril. My mouth and tongue has not been working so hard for a long long time.
Nevertheless, the efforts to finished up that 50plus Arils in 2 hours were well worth it.


  1. look at the seeds....please do not tell me your finished everything by yourself......

    1. Yes Bro, I did finished every single delicious bit by myself :)

  2. Reminded me of Forest Gump's quotation. We can do more with such experiences.

    1. Certainly agree Jim, thanks for dropping in. :)

  3. 50+ arils - that may be a record! Good work :)

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Can I count on you to validate it :p

      Thanks for surviving the reading so far ... LOL