Monday, 18 March 2013

How Prickly am I

This is my first attempt at blogging.

As it is, I do not know how to go about in writing my first post.

How about starting with why I wanted to write a blog, despite me being terrified about writing and the use of poor language.

 My first encounter with Durians precedes my arrival to this world. It is as real a claim as you would have see a durian falling on someone's head.

My dad n mum were stuffing up on this stuff that makes half the world goes Yucks!
It was said to be have good properties that is beneficial for pregnancy, well I ain't complaining :).

As far as I can recall, I took to Durian like a fish to water, when it was introduced to me at a relatively young age.

Every since then, things has never been the same.

That's meOf all the things, I am supposed to remember as a young boy, I only remembers the smell of this wonderful fruit. Somehow, the word Durian really lingers in my mind, taste, smell or touch.

So much so that when it was in season, I could literally smell a durian a mile away! (actually it was only round the bend, but being a small kid, everything seems relative faraway).

The other thing that fascinates me just as much, only a fraction lesser, was the reading of the Pugilistic's comics like the Little Gangster and Dragon Tiger Gate.

I was always looking forward to the school holidays, this meant that I would have access to best of both world for me :).

Durians and comics came hand in hand the moment I landed in Masai, a small rustic town in JB, my mum's hometown. My mum's 2nd brother, my uncle, has a property up on the hills.

Back in the 70s then, it was sparsely populated, and lots of vegetations. What the eyes could see was rows and rows of Rubber Trees, it was so much fun venturing into it to play hide and seek.

Yes, hide we did and there was also something there we don't intend to find. We here refers to my bunch of cousins.

It was at back corner of my uncle's house that forged my destiny of this spiky fruit. You noticed I use spiky, not prickly, this is because I have not been pricked by it, yet!

During one of the December Holidays, i was flowering some plants at the backyard, personal contributions. That was a norm for Sugarcanes to be sweeter!

Well, I was doing my rounds and darkness came fast.

Happily as I was flowering, some thing whoosh into a bush nearby.

It was a heart stopping, or for the matter, water pipe stopping moment!

What's that sound? I look around precariously, while not trying to be too 'garang' to turn my head too fast, to scan for the source of sound.

Another whoosh! Woo hoo, off I ran!

A couple more sounds made me danced around like a man walking on hot coals, it was raining Durians!

Oh my goodness, green shells were falling from the nightsky!

Much as I carefully tries to steer clear of the artillery attacks, I clumsily kicked one on the way to the kitchen.

Yup, u guessed it! I was wearing the Japanese Flipflops. My toes showed their polka dots reds immediately.

I was like ouch Ouch OUch OUCH!!!!

That Prickly encounter was the first of the kind but not the last of it!

Though the pain was instantly felt, but it goes away just as fast, till i hit the showers.

I bet the night forest were filled with screams that made Scary Movies looks B Grade.

After the pain came the urge. The thoughts of falling shells was too tempting. I found a metal basin and a Guni sack from the store room, and decide to head for the battlefield.

With stealth like movement, I was able to retrieve the enemy's ammunitions.
It's time to dissect what had been belting at me. It was the first time I have seen and handled a wild durian. It wasn't as big or nicely shaped as those that my dad bought. But it was mine :) My precious.

As a kid, I had been quite mischievous. I had no idea how to open the durians. So i tried to do what i think a durian seller does. And while i was trying to whiff the durian like an expert. I clumsily pressed the spikes to the nose. Polka dots Red Nose!

Luck was shining brightly that night for me, i guess i must have thrown my tooth in the correct direction.

I found one of the Prickly that has a small opening!
And immediately i wiggle my little pinky to pry, poke or whatever means of extracting the flesh... Pinky, not what you think, you know who you are.

Riiiiinnnngggg, the alarm clock woke me up.

I vaguely remembers what happens last night.

Prickly and its counterpartLater i was told by my cousin that I was konked out cold in the backyard with a metal basin besides me and a guni sack.

Haha... What an encounter... But definitely the sensation of wanting the fruit lingers in my mind so much that I must have braved the artillery head on!

Was it a dream or did i really overcome that barrage of shell artillery?

Whatever it was, i found two small Prickly keep aside for me... :)

Passion has driven me to writing this blog. And I wish for you to join me in this journey to explore and understand more about this wonderful fruit together.

Till then ...

PS (Prickly Sensations)

Look out for my next post on "I have a Dream that all seeds are made Equal ..."


  1. ahhhhhh......the durian guru has finally decided to showcase his talents !!! looking forward !!

  2. thank you for popping by, decided to post something interim on the durians you had :)